Brexit Puts Workers' Rights in Jeopardy, Says Brake

Basic workers' rights like minimum paid holidays and limits to working hours are in danger if we leave the EU, local MP Tom Brake has cautioned. Coming hot on the heels of stark warnings from the TUC, Tom predicts that a post-Brexit scenario could result in negative consequences for UK employees.

Brexit leaders have indicated that EU regulations like the Social Chapter, which protects workers’ rights, should be on the chopping block if the UK decides to vote leave—fuelling speculation about which rights could be unpicked. Boris Johnson has said “Boil it down to the single market. Scrap the social chapter” and John Redwood has noted that “It is vital to Britain that we do not have the social chapter.” 

Despite claims by Vote Leave, a legal report published by the TUC says that pulling out of the single market could erode essential rights like holiday pay, protections for agency workers, and discrimination safeguards for pregnant workers.

Tom said:

"When I was first elected in 1997, few workers had access to basic rights like paid holidays. Thanks to our membership in the EU, we now have robust protections to ensure workers' rights are secured. Diminishing basic workers' rights is something that I won't stand for, and will fight to defend."

The TUC, who represent nearly 6 million UK workers, note in their report that 1 in 4 of the UK's workforce receive paid holidays because of EU laws. To read more about how leaving the EU can hurt workers' rights, read here:


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