Budget fails to address the country’s top priorities - Brake


The Chancellor’s budget today fails to address the huge challenges facing hospitals and schools, whilst landing hard-working local people with a hefty tax increase, according to Carshalton & Wallington MP Tom Brake.


Tom Brake MP said:


“This budget fails to address the funding crisis facing our NHS, social care and education, whilst landing local people with a higher tax bill.


The Government’s plans for health and social care fall badly short. Social Care funding faces a £2 billion black hole this year, so the Lib Dems proposed a £2billion cash injection to fill that gap. Instead, the Conservatives will spread this sum over three years, leaving the system woefully underfunded. This announcement gives sticking plasters a bad name. This will mean elderly people struggling to access the care they need and more pressure on our hospitals.


The Government also failed to listen to the pleas of Headteachers from Wilson’s and Carshalton Girls, and many other local schools, who warned about the effect of a £3 billion cut to school budgets. In Carshalton & Wallington, this could mean an average £316.19 cut in funding for each pupil - cuts our local schools cannot afford.’’


Councillor Jayne McCoy, Chair of the Housing, Economy and Business Committee on Sutton Council said:


“21,400 people in Sutton are self-employed – they are the tradespeople and entrepreneurs that our local economy is built upon. While the Government cut corporation tax for big businesses, these people will be hit with a tax increase. This is a tax on hard work and entrepreneurship for those who already face job uncertainty. Many local businesses will also face steep rises in business rates. Even the small businesses the Chancellor promised to look after could face a £600 tax hike.


However, I was pleased to see that the Government have decided to continue the Lib Dem policy of raising the income tax threshold and supporting apprenticeships.”

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