Bus services leave much to be desired - Brake

After receiving over 1,000 - often critical - responses to his local bus survey, Tom Brake MP has requested a meeting with Transport for London (TfL) to discuss the results and present key 'asks' to TfL.


The request for a meeting comes ahead of a review of bus services in Sutton that TfL will be conducting later this year.

After analysing the detailed feedback from Sutton residents, Tom is requesting changes to the times and frequencies of ten different bus services, as well as improvements to countdown facilities, Sutton Garage and the modernisation of buses.

Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake said:

"The results of the survey show that one in four respondents uses the bus every day. So I am not surprised that over 1,000 people were keen enough to respond. The findings also make it clear that overcrowding is a significant concern and that residents want more real-time updates, more frequent buses on certain routes and more reliable services.

"We live in one of the only London boroughs without a tube station and the trains can be unreliable to say the least, so I look forward to meeting with TfL to discuss the results of the survey and present a list of 'asks' to improve the bus services in our borough."

Tom Brake MP will publish his list of keys 'asks' ahead of the meeting.

Key findings from the survey:

How often do you travel by bus?
More than once a week: 35%
Every day: 26%
Around once a week: 17%
Around once a month: 11%
A few times a year: 9%
Hardly ever or never: 3%

How long does your bus journey usually last?
Under 30 minutes: 69%
Under 10 minutes: 16%
More than 30 minutes: 15%

What could be improved before you get on the bus?
Real-time updates: 55%
Frequency: 51%
Reliability: 39%
Bus stops and waiting areas: 31%
Ticketing points: 7%
Other: 8%

On the bus routes you travel on the most, what could be improved on the bus?
Overcrowding: 53%
Cleanliness: 37%
Seating: 26%
Connectivity: 26%
Safety: 18%
Other: 8%

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