Domestic Abuse - Sutton Launches Campaign to Help Victims

Two million victims, nearly 600,000 crimes and over 250,000 domestic violence cases were recorded in the UK last year. In Sutton, 38% of incidents of violence with injury documented in 2017 were regarded as domestic violence cases.


To raise awareness of these alarming statistics, Sutton Council recently launched their 'Not Alone in Sutton' campaign, aimed at providing the victims of this hidden crime with much-needed help and support.

Carshalton & Wallington MP Tom Brake said:

"Hostility, aggression, control, intimidation and threats tend to be some of the many signs of domestic violence. It is incredibly important to have an environment where those experiencing domestic abuse aren’t judged, where they feel safe and out of harm's way.

"I fully support Sutton Council’s campaign and hope that local residents feel encouraged to seek help and support that is now available to them. I am happy to help with the campaign in any way I can and am confident that 'Not Alone in Sutton' will save many lives, make our borough a safer place and help put an end to domestic violence. No one should have to face this alone."

Information on domestic abuse and Sutton Council’s campaign is available here:

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