Employment rises in Carshalton and Wallington under Lib Dems

Since 2010, employment in Carshalton and Wallington is above the London and national average, thanks to the policies of the Coalition Government and the hard work of the local people.

3,700 new jobs and 2,640 new apprenticeships have been created since the last General Election. Employment in the constituency has exceeded the national trend with a steady and consistent rise that now sees 78.1% of people in employment - 6% higher than the figures for London. 

In yet more encouraging figures, there have been 3,000 new business start-ups in the same period, with £161,994 awarded in business start-up loans.


Commenting on these statistics, Tom said: “I’m delighted to see how successful Lib Dem inspired coalition initiatives for employment and jobs have been since the last election. I am extremely proud of local people who have worked so hard to start new businesses or secure employment to be able to support their families in these difficult times”.

“I will continue to do my best to help to promote local businesses and create jobs here in Carshalton and Wallington.”

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