Brake Calls on Government to Give Sutton Council Extra Powers to Tackle Graffiti

October 28, 2004 12:00 AM

Today in Westminster Hall, during Oral Questions on Anti-Social Behaviour, Tom Brake called on the government to grant Sutton extra powers to tackle graffiti. Currently, 12 local authorities were granted the powers (on a trial basis) under the 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act to serve graffiti removal notices on businesses which fail to remove graffiti. Merton is one of the 12 authorities, but Sutton is not.

Tom Brake said, "For these powers to be effective, it is essential that every local authority has access to them. Of course we need to ensure that the perpetrators of graffiti are caught, but it is unfair to expect Sutton Council to take responsibility for the cost of all clean-up operations. Companies like Telewest, the Post Office and Network Rail, which often seem content to leave graffiti on their property for months or even years, must accept their share of the responsibility for removing graffiti from their buildings and equipment."

Tom Brake added, "These new powers would make it very clear that if no action was taken within 28 days by the companies to remove graffiti, the local authority would remove it for them and charge the companies for the work."

"I will be writing to the Home Office, clearly stating that I would like to see this scheme extended to Sutton. These new powers will help make Sutton free from graffiti, and thus a more pleasant environment in which to live."

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