Brake backs national self-harm inquiry

April 6, 2004 12:00 AM

With concerns that rates of self-harm (self-injury) are on the increase, Tom Brake MP is lending his full support to the UK's first major investigation into self-harm, launched last week at the House of Common. The Mental Health Foundation and the Camelot Foundation will run this major two-year inquiry, which will investigate the many dimensions of self-harm, including the degree of prevalence, its causes, the support and care available for young people aged 11 to 25, and how it is treated throughout our society. Statistics suggest a tenth of under-25s deliberately hurt themselves.

Mr Brake said,

"Self harm is a serious issue which is not fully understood. It concerns me that an increasing number of young people are resorting to damaging themselves as a means of coping with distress or difficult feelings. I welcome the Inquiry and the opportunity to explore the different ways the medical profession can help people who are engaging in self harming behaviour, often in secret. I hope this will encourage more young people to seek help."

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