Compensation Could be on its Way

February 12, 2004 12:00 AM

A recovered sufferer of Hepatitis C could be in line for compensation after Tom Brake raised her case with the Department of Health.

It has been confirmed in a letter to Mr. Brake that recovered sufferers of Hepatitis C, who were infected with NHS blood transfusions or blood products may also receive compensation. It had been feared that only current sufferers of Hepatitis C would be entitled to this help.

Mr Brake said,

''I am very pleased at the success of the campaign to compensate those that contracted Hepatitis C from NHS blood or blood products. The extension of the eligibility criteria to those who have recovered from the disease is a triumphant step towards getting people the compensation they deserve and holding the Health Department responsible for aiding those effected by the disease under NHS care. This compensation should go towards alleviating the suffering of hepatics C victims."

Work is on going to set up the independent body that will administer the scheme and introduce the necessary legislation so that people will not lose their social security benefits as a result.

Work is also progressing on finalizing the application process for awarded compensation and setting up the independent body that will oversee the scheme. The Haemophilia Society and Hepatitis C Trust will be involved in work to help ensure the procedures are as user friendly as possible.

The application process will involve submitting a form and evidence to support a claim to the overseeing organization (to be known as the Skipton Fund). Complete details of the application forms have not been finalized yet but will be in the near future.

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