Tom Brake Backs Campaign for Warm Homes Group

February 5, 2004 12:00 AM

Tom Brake has been congratulated by Parliamentary colleagues for campaigning to end the cold homes challenge faced by missions of tenants.

As many as one million homes in England and Wales fail to comply with the Government's own decent homes standards for social sector housing, with nearly a million more living in fuel poverty.

People living in Carshalton and Wallington will stand to benefit from Tom Brake's backing of the campaign. It is hoped the amendment will help end the estimated 40,000 excess winter deaths a year caused by cold homes by ensuring that all social sector homes have adequate wall insulation, efficient heating systems, and a minimum energy efficiency rating.

Mr. Brake said,

'It is unacceptable that people continue to live in cold homes. The decent home standard set for social housing, which provides homes for some of the poorest of our fellow citizens, is far lower than the standards set in the building regulations for expensive new housing.'

'That is unfair. I am supporting this amendment to the Housing Bill to help local people, to end the problem of cold homes and to cut emissions of carbon dioxide that result from energy inefficient homes.'

Alan Simpson MP, chair of the Warm Homes Group, added: 'The national objective set by this Government to end fuel poverty is an excellent initiative supported by MPs across the party divide. This amendment will enable that objective to be met. We thank Mr. Tom Brake for his support on this extremely important matter.'

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