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Tom Brake

Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington



January 12, 2005 1:35 PM

Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake today urged the Government to take health risks surrounding the use of mobile phones more seriously.

Speaking after the publication of Sir William Stewart's second report on mobile phones and base stations, Mr Brake said:

"Sir William Stewart's appeal to the Government to take a precautionary approach to the use of mobile phones and the siting of masts have so far fallen on deaf ears.

"With a £3bn market for mobile phone peripherals children have become a prime target for mobile operators yet they are the most vulnerable to health risks.

"There is an urgent need for Government supported research into the biological effects of phones and masts and for a more rigorous education programme for consumers. Tax breaks for companies that provide mobile phones to employees and their families should be ended and the use of safe, fixed phones encouraged until more research is concluded.

"Parents must be encouraged to limit the use of mobiles by their children and to encourage the use of other devices to play music or receive messages. It is clear that the £22.5bn spent by the mobile phone operators has to date bought the silence of government ministers - it is now time to see our children and consumers take centre stage and receive due attention from Government."