May 17, 2005 12:45 PM
hailing taxi

Flagging down taxi

In the Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet reshuffle on Monday, party leader Charles Kennedy appointed local MP Tom Brake as Shadow Secretary of State for Transport.

Mr Brake, who served as the Liberal Democrat Shadow Transport Minister from 2001-2003 and until recently was the party's international development spokesman, welcomed the news:

"Transport will present just as many challenges and is an issue, like overseas development, that is very close to the hearts of many of my constituents. I very much hope that local residents will continue to share their knowledge and insight with me.

"For the sake of our environment and our economy, we need to cut congestion, get more people onto public transport and promote cleaner modes of transport.

In Sutton, I want to encourage safe routes to school with calmed traffic, safe pavements, and grown-ups on hand to conduct "walking buses". Fewer school-run car journeys mean less pollution and less congestion. Children walking to school get fit for life - but it must be safe.

Mr Brake takes over the transport portfolio from John Thurso MP.

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