Dangers Of Rear Loading Taxis - Brake

August 31, 2005 12:00 AM

In his capacity as Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesman, local MP Tom is highlighting the dangers of rear loading taxis. A number of local authorities are beginning to license taxis that load wheelchair passengers from the rear and this leaves the wheelchair passenger vulnerable to traffic approaching from behind. Mr Brake is backing a parliamentary motion which calls on local authorities to only license side-loading wheelchair accessible taxis.

Mr Brake, a stalwart campaigner for the interests of vulnerable passengers, said,

"Taxis are a lifeline for disabled passengers because it is a door to door service.

The black cabs in London allow side loading of wheelchairs. Side-loading taxis ensure a safe pick and drop off. It is also more dignified than rear loading used in some converted van taxis licensed outside London.

But there are still too many questions marks about the safety of rear-loading taxis."

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