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Tom Brake

Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington


Sutton MPs Prepare to Face New Court Challenge

June 22, 2006 2:09 PM

Sutton's Liberal Democrat MPs Tom Brake and Paul Burstow have today reiterated their support for keeping Sutton's Magistrates' Court open, as proposals are being put forward by Her Majesty's Court Service to close a number of Courts in the Greater London Area.

After a successful appeal against closing Sutton Magistrates' Court and moving all Sutton cases to the Croydon Magistrates' Court in April 2004, it appears there could be a renewed threat. The new twist to this ongoing campaign is that Sutton Council no longer has any say in the running of the Magistrates' Court and cannot therefore officially challenge any closure proposals.

Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, in whose constituency the Court is located said, "Here we go again. The Government may be about to have another attempt at shutting our local Court. We have written to the Department for Constitutional Affairs rejecting outright any plans to close the Court and seeking clarification of the reasons for the Review and a guarantee that the future of the Court is secure."

Paul Burstow, MP for Sutton and Cheam, said, "There's a real sense of deja-vu here. We need to maintain local justice delivered by local people. These proposals could be the thin edge of the wedge."

Sutton's local MPs encourage residents to write to them expressing support for the local Court and hope that, as in the past, the local papers will join them in vigorously opposing any plans to scrap Sutton's local court.