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Tom Brake

Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington


Rosehill Shops Set to Fight Back

October 11, 2006 2:18 PM
From left to right, Cllr David Thoebald, Jayesh Parmer, Pharmacy Manager, Cllr Sheila Andrews and Cllr Dave Callaghan

Local Councillors stop to talk to Jayesh Parmer Pharmacy Manager

Shoppers using the Rosehill retail centre have backed new plans from local councillors and the area's MP to revive the area.

In a survey carried out by Tom Brake MP and the three new Liberal Democrat councillors for St Helier, shoppers said they would use the centre more often if improvements were made.

Mr Brake joined Liberal Democrat councillors Sheila Andrews, David Theobald and David Callaghan in carrying out a street survey of shoppers at Rosehill.

The shoppers said the area is declining and needs help to rejuvenate the shops and attract the customers back. The survey also revealed that people believe the shops provide a vital service to the community, but at present they cannot buy everything they need there.

Graffiti, crime, the limited range of shops, and litter were the four most common answers from people about what discourages them from shopping at Rosehill. Other reasons included transport problems and traffic congestion.

The most popular improvement was for the introduction of a wider variety of shops, followed by the return of the market and a reduction in litter.

Councillor David Callaghan said: "We intend to fight to revitalise the shopping centre at Rosehill. We know it is declining and that help is needed urgently to make it thrive once again.

"We have already taken steps to reduce litter, and we have met with the shopkeepers to discuss a new traders group. Plans to make improvements will be put together once we have finished consulting the people who shop at Rosehill and the shop owners."

Mr Brake said: "It is evident from the results of this consultation that the residents value Rosehill retail centre and want to play an active role in the regeneration process."

Tony Provenzano, who owns Hair Location, a hair and beauty salon at Rosehill, said:

"As the owner of a business at Rosehill I support the efforts being made to improve this area. I would like to see the streets made greener and more welcoming for shoppers."

Hanif Chadury, who owns Update, a ladies fashion store, said: "As a shopkeeper at Rosehill for more than 20 years I have seen the area decline recently. The new police community support officers have helped tackle antisocial behaviour, but it would be great to see some further improvements so I back these new efforts."

Survey forms are now being delivered to homes in the area in order to expand the sample. Residents can also express their views by downloading a copy of the Rosehill Survey at: