Tom Brake Welcomes Chris Huhne's Bed Zed Visit

December 28, 2006 6:32 PM
Chris Huhne and Sue Riddlestone at Bed Zed

Lib Dems Back Green Action on Homes

Tom Brake welcomed the recent visit of the Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs Chris Huhne MP, to Bed Zed, the Beddington Zero Energy Development eco-homes in Hackbridge.

Mr Huhne, accompanied by Sue Riddlestone, the Director of the BioRegional Group,

viewed Bed Zed's photo-voltaic panels, car club and water-saving devices on his tour.

Chris Huhne said after his visit, "Bed Zed was a real trailblazer when it was built. We now need to see the techniques and environmental components embedded in the Bed Zed design rolled out across the UK and beyond."

Tom Brake who was also with Mr Huhne on his visit said, "Bed Zed has acquired almost cult-status amongst environmentalists but it is time Bed Zed's approach towards reducing energy and recycling joined the mainstream. Bed Zed should no longer be the exception, it should be the rule for new developments."

Originally created by the Peabody Trust development along with the BioRegional Development Group and Bill Dunster Architects, Bed Zed consists of 100 homes, community facilities and workspaces for 100 people. It is the UK's first largest carbon-neutral eco-community. The goal of the project is to focus on energy conservation and environmental sustainability.

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