February 21, 2007 5:24 PM

Tom Brake MP today issued a warning to all passengers travelling on the Southern Railway that ticket machines in train stations have been overcharging passengers for their tickets.

As part of Mayor Ken Livingstone's plans to incorporate the zonal fare scheme to all London train operators, prices have been changed to fit into National Rail zones rather than station-to-station fares. However, many ticketing machines have not had their prices updated, leading to passengers paying more and occasionally less for their ticket than they should.

Tom Brake said: "Any customer who thinks they may have been overcharged should be sure to check with Southern Railways to claim their refund straight away."

According to Southern Railways, the problem should be resolved shortly. Southern Railways is offering refunds to passengers who have been overcharged, and encourages any passenger who thinks they might have been overcharged to check at the ticket office if they are concerned.

The problem was brought to Tom Brake's attention by a concerned citizen who noted that Southern have been charging £3.30 for a standard return between local Zone 5 stations whereas it should have been £2.60. Additionally, they have been charging £8.70 for a weekly ticket between Sutton/Carshalton Beeches and West Croydon when they should have been charging £7.80.

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