March 1, 2007 5:33 PM

Tom Brake MP, Liberal Democrat for Carshalton and Wallington, went to Highdown prison on Monday at the invitation of a constituent currently detained at Highdown.

Mr Brake, who was especially interested in the healthcare facilities at the prison, was met and briefed by Sue Davis, Head of Healthcare.

Mr Brake's constituent had expressed concern over the treatment of prisoners, claiming that not only is it important to keep society and the public safe from convicts, but also to provide accurate and appropriate healthcare for those who are incarcerated.

To explore the issue on behalf of his constituent, Tom decided to visit Highdown himself.

As a result of his Highdown visit, Tom Brake will be supporting the case for allowing prison health services to invest in a wider range of hi-tech health equipment. This could pay for itself if the NHS were able to use the savings that the Prison Service would gain from treating patients in prison rather than escorting them to hospital to pay for advanced equipment.

Tom Brake said, "It is important that there is access to the same quality healthcare in prisons as that provided elsewhere in the NHS. To accomplish that, it is important that we make it possible for Health Services in prisons to be able to invest in the necessary equipment that would enable them to provide such care. The extra bonus is that it would also cost the tax-payer less."

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