Tom Brake MP to Visit NISA Store

March 1, 2007 5:42 PM

On the 2nd of March at 10 am, Tom Brake will be visiting a convenience store, NISA, 15-17 Green Wrythe Lane in Carshalton.

In his meeting with the retailer and the Association of Convenience Stores, Tom expects to discuss some of the most pressing issues that affect local stores. Some of these concerns include the impact of ASBOs, the domination of large retailers, the availability of parking and the increasing costs of legislation and regulation.

Mr Brake's visit to NISA is part of an effort to draw attention to the importance of local stores in the community.

Tom said, "Convenience stores are an essential part of the community, they provide local employment, indispensable services to the consumer and are often more accessible for people who do not have a car or rely on public transport."

The ACS is a trade body that represents over 32,500 convenience stores, petrol forecourt stores and newsagents. It is currently trying to improve the relationship between convenience stores and Parliament.

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