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Tom Brake

Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington


Brake Subjected to Paxman-style Grilling on Global Warming

March 26, 2007 9:12 AM

At 10am on Friday, 16 March, Tom Brake participated in a mock television interview at Collingwood School in Wallington. The mock interview, hosted by two 11 year-old boys, Michael and Tom, was designed to clarify Tom Brake's views on global warming.

Tom Brake MP is seen here with Michael (left) and Tom (right)

Tom Brake MP is seen here with Michael (left) and Tom (right)

The children specifically sought to gain advice from Tom as to how young children could contribute to reducing the threat of global warming. They also raised questions about the legitimacy of the Prime Minister's comment that only a minuscule difference would be made if Britain stopped all its emissions. They also asked Mr Brake for suggestions on how to influence other states such as China and India to cut their pollution levels.

Mr Brake cited walking, recycling, better insulation in homes and businesses and turning off lights as examples of how many small changes added together could make a big difference. He also underlined the importance of the UK setting an example and proving that British businesses would benefit from using less energy.

The Collingwood School invited Tom to become involved in the film the children were putting together earlier in the year.

Mr Brake believed the experience would be rewarding in more ways than one. He said, "This venture was a great opportunity for the pupils. They handled the interview really professionally. Not only have they now got first hand-experience in TV interviewing techniques, Paxman beware, but they are also equipped to become ambassadors in the fight against climate change."