Rosehill On the Up

August 22, 2007 8:25 AM
Team Rosehill Meet outside Nili Cafe

Rosehill Traders, Cllrs and Council Officers, Police and Tom Brake MP meet to discuss boosting Rosehill

Traders, Business Representatives, Police Officers, Councillors, Council Officers and Tom Brake MP, all with an interest in the future of Rosehill shopping centre, met on Wednesday to discuss how to revive the area.

Ideas put forward for ways to use the remaining £70,000 from the section 106 fund to improve Rosehill were; the relaunch of the area as 'New Rosehill', a new car park, a makeover of the shops and new gateway signs to the shopping centre, as well as planting of the busy Rosehill roundabout and promotion of the Rosehill shops discount scheme for staff at the nearby St Helier Hospital.

Before any decisions are made these ideas will be debated by the new St Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley local committee, which will include residents' groups. The new Rosehill Traders Association will also be involved in the discussions.

Rosehill has suffered some decline in recent years and is in need of urgent help to ensure it thrives again. Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, was joined by the three ward Sheila Andrews, David Theobald and David Callaghan and also Cllr Paddy Kane, for the meeting which was held in a new coffee bar at Rosehill, Café Nili.

The area has already benefited from a pot of money paid to the council by a development company responsible for nearby flats. The 'section 106' money has already financed 12 new trees, new public toilets, and refurbishment of railings at Rosehill, with new benches, an information board and parking signs planned.

Councillor David Callaghan said: "We are working closely with Tom Brake MP to revive Rosehill and make it a place where people want to do their shopping. We know the shops at Rosehill provide a vital service to many people living in St Helier, and we are fighting hard to improve the experience of shoppers"

"Before we finalise any plans we want to hear from the traders at Rosehill and other stakeholders such as the local community police, and that is why we held this meeting."

Tom Brake MP said; "Rosehill is an important shopping centre. The available funds must be spent in the areas businesses feel will be most beneficial. The new Rosehill Traders Association will be of great assistance in the revival of the area through their planned promotional events."

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