Brake Questioned at St Mary's Junior School

October 19, 2007 2:50 PM

Tom Brake MP visited St Mary's Junior School first thing Monday morning where he was the guest speaker at the school assembly.

His visit was more than a courtesy call as pupils lined up to question him about his role as an MP. The questions ranged from; why did he choose to be an MP, what is the single most important thing he has done for young people and what big change would he make if he became Mayor of London?

Tom replied as follows; he became an MP because of his passion for environmental issues, he helped raise £90,000 for a new playground in Hackbridge and lastly he would introduce technology to make all buses run on time.

After responding to the barrage of questions, Tom said, "It was like dealing with the Question Time audience, except scarier."

St Mary's Roman Catholic school is located in Carshalton and serves children ages seven to eleven.

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