Government Fails to Practise what it Preaches - Brake

October 29, 2007 2:15 PM

Commenting on the launch of Sutton's consultation on the Local Development Framework (LDF) today,

Tom Brake said, "Once again the Government fails to practise what it preaches. On the one hand it talks about giving power to local people and on the other seeks to impose on Sutton's residents top-down housing plans dreamt up by Ken Livingstone, London's Mayor."

Sutton Council were required by the Government and the Mayor to identify sites where around 350 homes could be built each year, failure to do so would have led to the Mayor intervening.

Tom Brake added, "Now that Sutton has complied with this central diktat, hopefully the Borough will be left to work with local residents to design plans which residents support rather than have inflicted on them Ken's vision of what housing should be built in Sutton."

On a positive note, Tom Brake said, "The LDF will strengthen the Borough's ability to fight the spread of backgarden developments. That is something that the thousand one hundred and forty one people who have signed my petition against building on people's backgardens will welcome!"

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