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Tom Brake

Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington


Brake Attends Sutton Green Guardian Awards 2007

October 30, 2007 3:50 PM

Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington attended the 2nd Annual Sutton Green Guardian Awards this week and used his visit as an opportunity to praise youngsters for showing their green prowess.

All entrants are nominated by members of the public for environmental work they have undertaken during the last 12 months.

Presenting the Award for Green Primary School to Beddington Park Primary, Tom Brake MP said;

"It is important that children learn at an early age how to protect the environment. Young and Old we are all involved in the fight against Climate Change. This group of children is the future generation and it is great that they are concerned about recycling, saving energy and cutting down on car use at such a young age. By educating children at primary school level we are helping Suttons children to develop a sense of responsibility for their environment and hopefully it will rub off on their parents!"

Commenting after the event Tom said, "the enthusiasm those nominated have shown to work towards preventing climate change is the sort of enthusiasm this government needs to deploy if we are to achieve any real progress on this serious issue"