Question Time Comes to Carshalton College

November 25, 2007 10:27 PM
Question Time Panellists Face Audience at Carshalton College

Students Challenge Panellists on Faith and Belief Issues

Last Wed 21st Nov, Sutton Faith & Belief Forum in conjunction with Carshalton College organised a question time event looking at Rights, Respect and Responsibilities. The event was chaired by Tom Brake and had panellists representing Buddhism, Christianity, Humanism, Islam, Judaism and President of the Students' Union [Juliana Bankole].

A wide-ranging debate ensued over topical social issues and over 70 students attended asking questions and making valuable contributions. Mark Tomlinson Chair of Sutton Faith & Belief Forum commented that the aim was to build mutual understanding of different perspectives in our pluralistic society. Tim Lyth the Vice-Principal of Carshalton College welcomed it as a valuable part of students' learning and development.

Commenting after the event, Tom Brake said "the Question Time allowed a full and frank discussion on a variety of challenging subjects. The college students did not pull their punches, putting panellists (and the politician!) on the spot again and again. One important point that came across was that all the religious and secular representatives present agreed on a broad range of issues, including the need to provide educational opportunities for all and to support the weaker members of the community."

Further information about Sutton Faith & Belief Forum from Mark Tomlinson

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