Closure of Henderson Hospital Will Leave People Vulnerable

December 17, 2007 7:08 PM

In a shock announcement the South West London and St George's Mental Health Trust has announced the closure of the Henderson Hospital in Sutton.

Commenting on this announcement that the Hospital is to close, Tom Brake, who visited the hospital previously when its funding was threatened said,

"This is depressing news. The Henderson Hospital provided a specialist service and supportive environment for people with a personality disorder. Its closure could leave many people extremely vulnerable as there are grave doubts about whether individual Primary Care Trusts will be able to provide this level of specialist care."

Tom Brake has emailed the Secretary of State for Health Alan Johnson asking him to confirm whether the decision to close the Hospital was taken on medical grounds or because of the failure of the different Primary Care Trusts to find a way of co-funding the Hospital. Tom has also asked Alan Johnson to confirm whether any alternative provision, similar to that provided by the Henderson, is now being offered by PCTs which have previously referred patients to the Henderson.

Paul Burstow MP for Sutton and Cheam is seeking to raise this matter in Parliament with an Urgent Question.

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