New Leader - New Political Era - Brake

December 20, 2007 9:09 AM

Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, has welcomed the election of Nick Clegg MP as the new Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Tom said, "Nick's election marks the beginning of a new political era in which the Liberal Democrats will take the lead in fighting child poverty. His commitment to improving social mobility and tackling poverty through investment in education sets him apart from the other two party leaders."

On his first day as party leader, Nick Clegg met sixth form pupils at a pioneering school in south-east London to learn about their aspirations and the challenges they face.

And Mr Clegg announced the appointment of Brian Eno, who used to play with rock band Roxy Music, as his adviser with a brief to bring ideas from beyond Westminster on how to engage with and support people who are traditionally excluded from politics, particularly young people.

Nick Clegg said,

"I will fight for a society where everyone gets a fair chance in life, and no-one is condemned by the circumstances of their birth.

"Education has got to be front and centre of Britain's agenda if we're going to make that happen. So I will raise funding for the poorest children to the levels in private schools.

"And every family must be free from poverty, and feel they have a voice, and a stake, in Britain today. I am committed to the target of ending child poverty by 2020 - that must be a key aim of our policy development."

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