Residents want a Fair Deal on Rail Fares - Brake

January 15, 2008 4:44 PM

Local residents have condemned the latest round of rail fare increases. Tom Brake surveyed his very large e-group this month and found that 91% of respondents feel that the rail service does not offer 'value for money.'

Commenting Tom said: "The truth is that ten pounds will take you over 300 miles in Slovakia, over 200 miles in Italy, but only a measly 38 miles in Britain."

"We need a transport system fit for modern Britain. At present an average of 300 trains a day are cancelled in this country - that's one every 4 minutes!" said Mr Brake.

Mr Brake will be conducting a comprehensive survey of local opinion. He is distributing his 2008 Rail Survey to local commuters at train stations across the constituency.

"I will be taking the concerns of rail users directly to the train companies and to the Transport Secretary. They cannot continue to take advantage of the goodwill of rail users and implement inflationary busting fare rises as a matter of course."

What would you like to do next?