Abigail Lock says "Tram it!"

January 22, 2008 3:19 PM

Tom Brake MP joined Cllr Abigail Lock, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Spokesperson for Sutton & Croydon at Sutton Station on the 11th January to launch her Tram It! Campaign which aims to extend tram services to Sutton.

Commenting Abigail said: "It is high time that the pressure on our roads was eased and tram services extended to our area."

She continued: "Extending the tram network would not only complement existing public transport and provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to travelling by car, but also give a boost to the local economy as has been seen elsewhere."

Speaking at the campaign launch Mr Brake said: "Persuading people to abandon their cars in favour of greener forms of travel must be part of Britain's long-term Transport strategy. I am thrilled to back Abigail's campaign."

Abigail added, "Running the tram to Sutton would show there is an alternative to Mr Livingstone's inner-city focused transport policy. The suburbs need better public transport too."

Tram Croydon

Extending the tram network would also give a boost to the local economy as has been seen elsewhere.

Local residents can express their support for Abigail's Tram It! Campaign by signing the online petition at: http://campaigns.libdems.org.uk/trams

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