Head of Steam Builds Behind 'Your High' Campaign

May 24, 2008 10:34 AM

Petition signatures are starting to roll into Tom Brake's office following the launch of a campaign to introduce a law to stop shops selling cannabis paraphernalia and cannabis seeds.

A loophole in the law, which allows the retail of products associated with cannabis use, was revealed after Bandon Hill Primary School approached Tom Brake MP to express their concerns about a shop 'Your High' which has opened around the corner from the school.

An investigation by Tom Brake identified that neither the police nor the Council can stop such a premises from opening.

Local Councillor Jayne McCoy, who is a parent at the school, and Tom Brake will be holding a meeting soon at the school with teachers, governors, parents and the local police to discuss what action they can take. A joint letter from Headteachers and Tom Brake is also going to be sent to the Home Secretary.

Councillor McCoy said, "This is madness. I cannot believe it is possible for a shop to trade openly in this way. It has got to stop."

Tom Brake has already raised the matter in writing with the Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Jacqui Smith MP, and hopes to have an opportunity soon to raise it directly with her.

Tom added, "The Home Secretary must act immediately. Logic suggests that if the Government are serious about fighting crime, this trade must be made illegal."

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