Urgent Action on Carbon Monoxide Needed - Brake

July 20, 2008 6:30 PM

Local MP Tom Brake has urged constituents to fit their homes with an audible carbon monoxide alarm and to have their gas appliances checked annually by a CORGI registered installer following a report that revealed that London topped the list of regions that are most at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning,

Nearly 60% of Londoners do not have a carbon monoxide alarm and 7% have admitted to not even knowing what a carbon monoxide alarm is.

Tom Brake said "This research reveals that the average Londoner is in the dark about carbon monoxide. This puts lives at risk. Everyone needs an audible carbon monoxide alarm as well as an annual check of their gas appliances."

This is the first time that London has appeared in the top four regional hotspots of the report produced by CORGI. A total of 13 reported carbon monoxide poisoning incidents occurred in London last year. These incidents resulted in the death of five people and left 32 people injured.

London is the worst region for admitting they would use someone who is not CORGI registered to work on gas in their home despite it being illegal to work on gas unless you are CORGI registered. London was also one of the worst for getting annual gas safety checks carried out on their appliances.

The main cause of all carbon monoxide poisoning incidents came down to a lack of servicing and maintenance of gas appliances (52%).

The report also revealed that the appliance that is most responsible for incidents is gas boilers. This is followed closely by gas fires.


1. CORGI is the body currently charged by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to maintain a register of competent gas installers in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

2. The hotspot regions for carbon monoxide poisonings, in order, are: London, Yorkshire, The Midlands and Wales.

3. To download a copy of CORGI's Carbon Monoxide Report 2008 visit: www.trustcorgi.com/consumer/corgicarbonmonoxidereport

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