Brake the Habit.

August 4, 2008 10:00 AM

computer photoTom Brake MP for Carshalton and Wallington is calling on concerned members of the public to back a new phase in his campaign against 'Your High', a shop in Wallington selling drugs paraphernalia.

Now Tom has launched a Facebook group 'Say 'NO' to Your High - ban the sale of Cannabis seeds' to share news and updates with the group's members on the campaign's progress. He is urging members of the public who are worried about 'Your High' and support his bid to change current legislation to join the group online.

Tom said about the group 'By taking the campaign against 'Your High' online supporters can have even greater involvement with the campaign. I hope that people power will force the government to support a law on the sale of cannabis seeds.'

The shop, which opened in May 2008, is located in a residential area and around the corner from Bandon Hill Primary School. A loophole in the current law allows the sale of products associated with cannabis use, including cannabis seeds, in shops like 'Your High.'

Tom Brake said that 'Under current legislation there is nothing that the police or the Council can do to stop shops like 'Your High' from opening even when they are in such close proximity to schools. We must take urgent action.'

He is working alongside local Lib Dem Councillors, School Governors, Teachers, Parents and the Police to ensure the law is changed, and 'Your High' is closed.

The public can also sign the 'Your High' petition, which has already received a huge number of signatures. The petition can be signed on Tom Brake's website

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