Turn on the Tap

September 10, 2008 8:40 AM

The congregation from St Patrick's Church in Park Hill Road, Wallington was joined by Tom Brake MP on their charity walk from St Patrick's to Carshalton Ponds and back again on Saturday morning.

The walk, entitled 'Turn on the Tap', helped raise funds and awareness of the need for clean water in developing countries. The walk was four miles long, representing the average distance people have to walk in many developing countries to collect their often-contaminated water supply.

Tom Brake said, 'Walking just half of the distance from the Ponds to St Patrick's highlighted the challenges many billions of people face in trying to get sufficient water for drinking, cooking and washing. My congratulations to St Patrick's for making the point in such a convincing way!'

More information can be found on www.turnonthetap.org

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