Young people meet politicians and policy makers to debate the key issues affecting their lives

January 9, 2009 2:42 PM

Mr Brake in the MacMillan Room in the House of Commons in debate with Scouts on the 15 December 2008.

In December, Local MP Tom Brake met with Scouts from across the country in Westminster to hear their views on the key issues affecting youth in the UK.

Mr Brake joined with over 20 other MP's from across the political parties at a workshop with over 50 young people from across the country at Portcullis House. The workshop gave attendees a chance to voice their concerns on a number of topics such as knife crime, how to improve the image of teenagers and youth volunteering.

In total representatives from scouting districts covering nearly 25,000 young people took part in the event. The event was a unique opportunity for young people to directly engage with decision makers on the key issues and concerns affecting their lives. It is part of a series of activities The Scout Association are organising to empower today's young people. The event also saw the launch of their "Hoodies, Binge Drinkers, Future Leaders? Do Politicians Really Know What Young People Think" report detailing views expressed by members at previous debates.

Alec Stanworth, an Explorer Scout who participated said, 'It was great to be able to speak with the MPs about some of the key issues that are affecting young people today. Young people should be able to have a say in the way the country is run, and I think that the MPs who attended got a lot out of hearing things from our perspective.'

Mr Brake said, 'It was great to be able to speak with the Scouts and find out more about the real issues affecting their lives. These young people may be the politicians and policy makers of tomorrow and it is so important that we listen to them and know what shapes their lives.'

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