Financial Help for Mums-to-be

February 20, 2009 1:25 PM

Local MP Tom Brake is urging expectant mums-to-be to check whether they can claim a one-off £190 'Health in Pregnancy Grant' after 6th April 2009.

The grant is to help mums-to-be prepare for the birth of their baby. Expectant mums can claim if they are more than 25 weeks into the pregnancy, their due date is on or after 6th April 2009, and if they have received health advice from their doctor or midwife.

The grant does not affect tax credits and other benefits and its allocation is not income-based.

Commenting on the scheme Tom Brake said 'In the midst of the credit crunch, I am keen to make sure that families expecting a baby are aware of all the help they can get'.

Any mums-to-be who wish to apply for the grant can claim forms at their next ante-natal appointment after their 25th week. Alternatively, call the Health in Pregnancy Helpline on 0845 366 7885.

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