Tom Brake embraces Web to host first-ever local online MP advice surgery

March 7, 2009 11:21 AM

Mr Brake has been using Facebook to keep constituents informed about his work as the local MP, and to make himself available to help with any issues that residents are concerned about.

This month Tom Brake is taking it a step further and has launched his first ever online advice surgery, exclusively to all his Facebook friends.

"Getting advice, help, or just raising an issue that matters to you with your MP, should be easy. And with Web 2.0 technology like Facebook and instant messaging, I hope I can make it easier than ever to contact me" said Tom.

"I want to engage with people in whatever medium suits them - for some that's Facebook, for others email, and for many more it will be through my regular face to face surgeries throughout the area."

"Every week I hear from residents who want to know what is being done in Parliament about Darfur, student tuition fees, or global warming. But, not everyone has the time to sit down and write a letter to their local MP - that's why I'd like to make use of the chat facility on Facebook to hear from residents."

Tom will be online from 6pm-7pm on Friday March 27th and happy to answer questions or take up any issues that residents raise with him.

"If this proves a successful initiative, I hope more MPs will hold regular online surgeries for their constituents. But we must remember that this is a way of reaching out to more constituents, and should never ever exclude the most vulnerable members of society for whom Facebook and online technology simply does not form part of their lives. For those people our door must always be open and welcoming." concluded Mr Brake.

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