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Tom Brake

Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington


Tom Brake MP calls on Carshalton and Wallington to switch off for WWF's Earth Hour

March 18, 2009 9:49 AM

Tom Brake MP took time out from his parliamentary work on Wednesday 11 March to support WWF's Earth Hour by turning off a giant light switch.

Tom Brake MP commented:

"Climate change is a problem that requires both national leadership, local action and personal responsibility. Tackling climate change requires us to take action now.

We all have a part to play in reducing our individual contributions to greenhouse gases.

"Liberal Democrat Councils are making a real difference on the environment. Sutton is proud of its reputation as a cleaner, greener borough. First Sutton Council made BedZED - a ground-breaking low energy housing project - possible and now through the 'Smarter Travel Sutton' initiative - it is encouraging businesses, schools and individuals to develop travel plans and reduce their reliance on the car.

"I hope that local people will switch off for one hour on the 28th March to be part of this global action on climate change. A strong message needs to be sent now to our leaders attending the UN conference later this year. Every single human being can now make a difference. It is time to seize this great opportunity."

Earth Hour is a huge global switch off for one hour on the 28th March to draw attention to the urgent need for action on climate change at the UN conference in Copenhagen this year. WWF's Earth Hour aims to inspire a billion people in 1,000 cities to show global support for action on climate change. So far more than 1000 cities in 84 countries have signed up including London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast in the UK.

Many iconic landmarks will be switching off their lights such as Nelson's Column in London, the Forth Bridge in Edinburgh, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Table Mountain in Cape Town, Sydney Opera House and Paris' Eiffel Tower. Former Spice Girl Mel C, Cate Blanchett and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have all lent their voices to Earth Hour's global call for action on climate change.

WWF is encouraging Sutton Council to join the big switch off by dimming and switching off lights of civic buildings and iconic landmarks. Restaurants and bars are asked to get involved by holding candlelit dinners on the night and members of the public can also hold their own events such as lights out parties. People can sign up to support WWF's Earth Hour by visiting or by texting Earth to 84880

Colin Butfield, head of campaigns at WWF UK, said: "We are delighted that Tom Brake is backing WWF's Earth Hour. Negotiations for a global deal to tackle climate change are going on right now and it is essential that politicians demand the UK Government takes a strong leadership position.

"We want to create a groundswell of support and this is a chance for the people of Carshalton and Wallington to be part of a global action on climate change. Global leaders meet at the UN conference in Copenhagen later this year to determine how the world will work together to tackle climate change in future. A billion people across the globe turning off their lights sends a loud and clear message to politicians that they must make it happen."

Sign up and spread the word about WWF's Earth Hour with downloadable posters, light switch covers, Earth Hour toolkits and more at: