Online with Tom Brake's surgery success

March 31, 2009 2:08 PM

Tom Brake was delighted with the response to his first ever online advice surgery, conducted via social-networking site, Facebook on Friday 27th March.

Tom has been harnessing web 2.0 technologies like Facebook and Twitter to keep local residents informed about his work as the local MP.

"My goal is to make myself as accessible as possible to local people, particularly younger people who use social net-working sites regularly. Residents should have a personal relationship with their MP, and be able to see how they are working for the local area" said Tom.

Tom is one of the first MPs in the UK to host an internet-based advice surgery and was delighted to be kept busy throughout the hour-long webchat.

"On Friday, people raised concerns about disability care, crime and antisocial behaviour, future housing developments and schooling to name just a few. It was very rewarding to hear from such a broad cross-section of people." said Mr Brake.

Tom chatted for an hour online with local people, taking up their cases and listening to their views on important local, national, and international issues.

"I will certainly be making online surgeries a regular feature in my diary alongside the 500 plus face-to-face surgeries that I've conducted throughout the area for the last 12 years".

"I sincerely hope more MPs will follow my lead and use technology as a means of listening to the views of their constituents. The best MPs are those that value the views of all their residents" said Tom.

Residents can find out more about Tom's work by adding him as friend on Facebook, or following on Twitter at

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