Brake put PM in spotlight over Sri Lanka crisis

May 14, 2009 2:36 PM

Local MP Tom Brake, this week, put Gordon Brown on the spot at Prime Minister's Questions, calling for urgent action in the next 48 hour to "stop a further massacre taking place in Sri Lanka."

With the number of civilian casualties increasing by the day and an investigation from Human Rights Watch revealing huge craters caused by ongoing shelling in residential areas, Mr Brake took the opportunity to highlight the "devastating humanitarian impact".

Mr Brake, who has been involved with the Tamil community and the political situation in Sri Lanka for many years said:

"It is not only an international crisis. Many of my constituents have close relatives in Sri Lanka. The ongoing conflict places their lives in jeopardy.

"The Government has to act now with the United Nations and other countries to secure a ceasefire. The loss of life, denial of human rights, and restricted access of respected relief agencies in Sri Lanka is wholly unacceptable."

Earlier this month, Tom presented a petition to Parliament calling for an immediate ceasefire.

Following the latest developments and a meeting with around 600 Tamils in his constituency Tom has arranged to meet with the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in London, later in June.

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