Tom Brake MP backs 'Walk 'n' Talk' week

May 19, 2009 10:08 AM

Local MP, Tom Brake, has called on local school children to 'Walk 'n' Talk' their way to school as part of national 'Walk to School Week'. This runs from the 18th to the 22nd May.

Pupils will be encouraged to 'Walk 'n' Talk' on their way to school to experience the social benefits that walking together has for individuals and communities. Whilst the health benefits of walking are becoming increasingly well recognised, the vital social aspect of being out and about each day is often underestimated.

The walk to school is an excellent time for parents, carers and children to enjoy quality time together, away from the stresses of the traffic jam and the blaring of the radio. And it's not only adult-child relationships that feel the benefit: pupils get free time to socialise with their friends, while getting to know their own neighbourhood better - and the school walk can be a great time for parents to catch up on playground gossip, making it a friendly time for all!

Commenting on the scheme Tom Brake said, 'I try to walk as often as possible with my children. Not only is it healthy, it is enjoyable too. I do hope that 'Walk to School Week' will encourage school children to walk to school on a regular basis. I just hope that the weather will be kind this week.'

National charity Living Streets, runs the highly successful 'Walk to School' campaign, which encourages over two million children, parents and teachers across the UK to leave their cars at home and walk to school.

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