November 3, 2009 1:07 PM
N213 Bus Protest

Axed N213 Comes Back From the Dead for Halloween

Axed N213 Comes Back From the Dead for Halloween

Last Friday saw campaigners hope for the return of the N213 night bus from beyond the transport grave by projecting the image of a ghoulish bus onto the side of Sutton Bus Garage.

Campaigners have been horrified at the decision by Boris Johnson to cancel the night bus and hope their efforts might spook him into action in the 4th major protest since the services was axed.

"We remain concerned that young people in particular are going to be vulnerable late at night, returning home from Croydon. Boris seems blissfully unaware of the danger he's putting young people in" said Tom.

Laura Wheeler and younger sister May, formed a group on social networking site Facebook, backed by local MP Tom Brake. The campaign quickly picked up momentum, attracting the support of over 4,000 members. And it continues to grow…

"This fourth protest is about putting in place interim measures to make local students safe, until we can get the N213 back for good" said Laura Wheeler.

"We want the 154, which effectively acts as a ghost bus for around an hour after midnight and ignores those waiting at bus stops along its route, to take on passengers en route back from Croydon to Sutton Bus Garage" said Tom.

"Why on earth is a phantom bus operating for an hour every night, without serving the public?" said Laura, "especially when the issue of the N213 is so much in the local consciousness."

This time they hope to give Boris a fright that he can't ignore.

Tom Brake MP concluded saying 'these young people should be commended for the way they have continued to help fight this shocking decision- they seem determined not to give up the ghost and I'll back them all the way.

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