Local MP Brings Maggie Hughes Campaign to Parliament.

December 10, 2009 10:56 AM

Yesterday MP Tom Brake chaired a meeting in Parliament on Victims of Crime abroad which was proposed by his constituent Maggie Hughes, mother of Robbie Hughes.

Maggie Hughes has campaigned for better support and advice for families affected by violent crimes or serious accidents whilst abroad after her son, Robbie Hughes, was brutally assaulted whilst on holiday in Crete.

The meeting was attended by MPs across the political parties, including Paul Burstow, Natasha Engel and Susan Krammer, representatives from the Foreign Office, the Police and the families of those who had been victims of crime whilst abroad.

The meeting was an opportunity for the families to share their stories and search for a positive way forward. Although it was to address the situation and experiences of all British victims of crime abroad, all the cases discussed involved crimes in Greece.

Tom said after hearing all the families' stories, 'The families' experience of dealing with the Police and health service in Greece was almost unanimously poor. These are issues we will want to raise directly with the Greek Ambassador here.'

'But UK tour operators also have a lot to answer for. They need to adopt a much more responsible attitude towards the way they promote and supervise their tours. There must be an end to excessive cruising and boozing'

'We have now made a start on pulling together ideas about how to help UK families when their loved ones are injured or killed when they are abroad. We will be compiling a report to submit to the Greek authorities, the FCO and Sara Payne, the Victims Champion.'

After the meeting Maggie Hughes said, 'The other families and I feel very positive about yesterdays meeting. Although some of the families who were present are still along way from justice, we were glad to have our stories heard by MPs from all parties and officials from the Foreign Office and to share our experiences with each other.'

'It is vital that resources are put in place to help the families of victims of crime abroad in order to support them through this difficult process. I hope that future meetings, similar to today's, can take place and I will be following up the issues we have discussed to today with the Government's Victims Champion, Sara Payne.'

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