MP and Local Businesses Work Together to Promote Trade

January 12, 2010 10:31 AM

Local MP Tom Brake met with local businesses last week to discuss setting up a Traders Association in Carshalton High Street.

Tom said 'A Traders' Association in Carshalton would be an excellent way for local businesses to work together in promoting trade and encouraging people to shop in Carshalton.

Tom met with Chris Blanks from Elwyns Windows and Marcus Foster from Village Bakers to discuss plans for setting up the group and the issues that currently effect local traders, such as street parking and business rates.

Speaking after the meeting Tom said, 'I am committed to helping the establishment of a Traders Association in Carshalton. I have asked Local Councillor David Callaghan for advice after he successful helped established the Rosehill Business Community which has worked since last year to revive the shopping district in Rosehill'.

'David has agreed to come along to our next meeting to discuss this and I will also be inviting other local businesses to attend to talk about the prospect of a new traders association here in Carshalton.'

Details of the meeting will be circulated to local businesses once a date and venue has been agreed.

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