FCC Customers Face More Delays

January 18, 2010 11:50 AM

As commuters struggled into work again this week due to the weather, First Capital Connect Customers who rely on the Thameslink route were disproportionately effected due to damage to the fleet.

Local MP Tom Brake heard from many of his constituents who suffered delays and disruption when using local train stations.

Tom said, 'First Capital Connect Customers have faced severe disruption again this week due to the company's trains being damaged by the weather. '

'Before Christmas FCC was forced to run a reduced service due to driver shortages and the bad weather has seemingly compounded the company's problems. This really is unacceptable.'

Earlier this week First Capital Connect told Tom, 'The recent cold weather has had a significant impact on our Thameslink route train fleet causing damage to key components meaning we have operated a reduced service. (This has particularly affected train motors)'

'The Thameslink route will return to its revised timetable (revised due to driver shortages) tomorrow (Tuesday) and this is available on the website. We understand this has been an extremely frustrating time for our customers and we are finalising compensation plans following this recent disruption.'

On Wednesday following further bad weather FCC published a statement on their website apologising to customers affected. It read, 'We fully acknowledge that the service provided by First Capital Connect on the Thameslink route on both Friday 8 and, particularly, Monday 11 January was not acceptable. Today's service has further been disrupted. This has added to the increased frustration in past weeks owing to driver availability. We had planned to run an improved timetable this week offering 80% of a full timetable as we continually seek to improve the service. However we were unable to do so owing to rolling stock being unavailable as a result of breakdowns caused by the weather conditions.'

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