Beddington Residents Voice Their Concerns over Waste Management.

February 16, 2010 11:05 AM

Tom Brake and Councillor Colin Hall met with concerned local residents in Beddington last Saturday to discuss their concerns over waste management in the Beddington Area. Tom and Colin were joined by ward Councillor John Leech who sat in on the meeting.

Around thirty-five residents attended the meeting where it was agreed that a residents forum would be established where local people could share their views on neighbourhood waste management decisions. One of the main questions raised was the possible building of further waste treatment facilities in Beddington.

Afterwards Tom said, 'It was a lively meeting with a vigorous exchange of views on possible sites for waste management and suitable treatment technologies. Most importantly, as this is the start of a process rather than the end, we have agreed to set up a residents' forum so local residents can meet councillors on a regular basis and feed their views directly into the decision making process. We will be doing a leaflet drop soon to all local households informing them of the date of the first residents forum and inviting them to join.'

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