Cash machine closure for Carshalton

March 2, 2010 12:54 PM

Local MP Tom Brake has won a reprieve for the last ATM on Carshalton.

"The Alliance and Leicester have agreed to let us keep the cash machine until 2011," said Tom Brake, "but the axe may yet still fall."

Locals discovered last week that the cash machine appeared to be permanently closed, which resulted in a Facebook campaign to save it. A couple of days afterwards, the ATM was back in business.

Grupo Santander, who own Alliance and Leicester, revealed that the cash machine could still be shut down due to ongoing security issues where the machine is housed.

"It would be very bad news for high street businesses if the last cash machine was to close," said Tom. "We will not settle merely for a stay of execution."

The Alliance & Leicester ATM was the last machine available to shoppers on the High Street after the closure of the Barclays branch last year.

Barclays justified their closure of the ATM, along with their branch, by suggesting that the ATM at Alliance and Leicester would meet the community's needs.

In addition to the successful petition to reinstate the Alliance and Leicester, assurances are being sought that the new Sainsbury's store, due to open on Carshalton High Street, will provide a cash machine with 24/7 access for local residents.

Sainsbury's Carshalton will open on the 19th of March.

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