Tom Brake "stays steady" with local people

March 7, 2010 11:41 AM
Tom joins class instructor and class member for some exercise

Exercise classes can play a major role in boosting people's confidence after a fall

At the end of February local MP, Tom Brake, joined Sutton residents for a special "Staying Steady" exercise class.

The free, weekly, hour long classes, re-launched by NHS Sutton and Merton in

January 2010, are aimed at helping older people who have recently experienced a fall, or who are at risk of falling, increase their mobility, balance and confidence over an eight week period.

The enjoyable classes are taken by qualified instructors, who have experience in

exercise provision for older people and the classes are based on a person's ability.

Numbers are kept small so that people can get the individual help they need to

progress from the instructors as the course goes on.

People attending the classes are also encouraged to follow an exercise programme at home and are given advice to help prevent further falls.

People are referred to the classes by their GP or healthcare professional.

Dr Martyn Wake, Joint Medical Director, NHS Sutton and Merton said: "Experiencing a fracture can represent a turning point for older people, threatening their independence and reducing their quality of life. Our new Falls Service Team focuses on the prevention of falls, and through initiatives like the "Staying Steady" exercise classes, they are working hard to improve quality of life for older people, by reducing preventable disability and premature death through falls. This is a key strategic priority for the PCT."

Tom Brake, MP said: "It was a really stretching class! And it does a great job of

boosting people's confidence and reducing the risk of another fall. I'd recommend it to anyone who has had a fall recently."

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