Tom Brake encourages young people to vote

April 4, 2010 3:01 PM

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Tom Brake is urging young people in Carshalton and Wallington to go to the polling booths on 6th May.

A report released by the Electoral Commission last month suggested that 56% of 17-24 year olds are not even registered to vote. This makes them less likely to vote than private renters (49% not registered) and black and minority ethnic residents (31%), who are among the social groups least likely to vote.

The research indicated that some of those missing from the registers are unaware that they are not registered.

Tom said "I regularly receive letters from younger constituents and both parliamentary candidate debates held so far in the Borough of Sutton were organised by students attending local high schools. This demonstrates an understanding of how politics affects their lives and the importance of being able to choose who represents them locally and nationally."

"Young people play a big part in determining the outcome of the election. But their voice will only be heard if they register in time and go to the polling booth on 6th May."

People have until 21st April - 11 working days before polling day itself - to register to vote. Anyone who is uncertain as to whether they are registered to vote in this year's elections should complete a registration application form by:

• visiting

• calling the Electoral Commission's helpline on 0800 3280 280

• contacting Sutton's Electoral Registration Officer:

Electoral Registration Officer

Civic Offices, St. Nicholas Way




020 8770 5097

Students at university can be registered to vote in both their home address and term-time address - although they can only vote at one location. Students who are at university and would like to vote in their home constituency may want to register to vote by post.

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