Tom Brake encourages pupils to get on their bikes

April 21, 2010 8:21 AM
Camden Juniors on their bikes

Camden Juniors on their bikes

Tom Brake, Parliamentary Candidate for Carshalton and Wallington, recently visited Camden Junior School to support their efforts.

In a recent visit to one of Camden Junior School's cycling events, Tom Brake saw some of the ways in which cycling has been promoted within the school. Children negotiated their way through an obstacle course and took part in an exercise bike competition to see 'How far can you cycle in one minute?'

Tom Brake, himself an avid cyclist, encouraged the children to continue cycling during an assembly he gave to the whole school.

Among Camden Junior school's two objectives, forming part of its 'Travel Plan' are 'To reduce car use on the school journey by promoting sustainable travel' and 'To improve the health of the school community'. Promoting cycling is one way of working towards both of these objectives.

Cycle training, undertaken by the Borough, has been offered to pupils at the school for 8 years. Despite the training, many children did not cycle to school because parents did not have confidence in their children being on the road.

As a result, Camden students now have access to lunchtime cycle groups to give them more experience and confidence. Many are making good progress toward cycling grades. Other ways in which cycling is encouraged at the School include providing cycle storage, having two members of staff fully qualified as cycle trainers and an after school club due to start in summer term.

Young Cyclists posing with Tom Brake

Young Cyclists posing with Tom Brake

Speaking about Camden's efforts to introduce more students to cycling, Tom Brake said 'It's great to see so many children take up cycling seriously at such a young age. Camden's involvement has been a great catalyst in this process, which I hope will be replicated in other parts of the Borough'.

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