Tom Brake Issues Reminder to Beware Oyster Over-charging

August 20, 2010 1:40 PM

Oyster cardIn light of a recent Freedom of Information request showing that Transport for London has been forced to issue over £40,000 in refunds over the past year, Tom is urging anyone using an Oyster card to be on their guard against over-charging.

The problem is the result of faulty machinery which charges the cardholder twice when topping up an Oyster Card. The request shows that this had given rise to over 2,400 complaints in 2010 alone. People regularly making the journey from Sutton into central London should monitor their expenditure particularly closely as machines at commuter hubs London Bridge, Victoria, King's Cross and Liverpool Street were shown to have generated the most complaints.

TfL have apologised for the problem, but pointed out that the only way these faults could be rectified were if passengers spotted the over-charging and reported it. Their advice was for passengers to continuously monitor the amount they were charged when topping up the credit on their oyster card using credit or debit cards.

Tom said:

'It is vital commuters from Sutton are constantly vigilant and report any problems to Tfl as soon as they spot them. This is not only to avoid themselves being over-charged but so that TfL can promptly rectify the issue and avoid others being over-charged as a result.'

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