Local MP backs abolishing ID cards

October 1, 2010 12:00 AM

After making it to the final stages of parliamentary debate, Labour backed ID cards have been abolished. Local MP Tom Brake backed the initiative to get rid of the cards.

After the vote Tom Brake said, "The government cannot pay for the mistakes of the Labour party. The very idea of ID cards infringes on our civil liberties, so dedicating any more time and attention to them is a waste."

"This debate over ID cards really belies a larger debate about protecting our citizens' basic rights to not have an overbearing, imposing and excessively regulatory Government. We need to focus on empowering our citizens rather than imposing more regulations on them. There are other ways of solving our nation's issues without the unnecessary burdens and costs of ID cards."

Attached to the bill was a motion to compensate citizens who purchased the cards for £30, despite the incoming coalition warning that the cards would be invalid.

The ID card scheme was expected to cost £5bn. However, estimates from the London School of Economics report that it may have cost upwards of £10bn.

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